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May 8, 2024
FTC and FCC Sign Memorandum of Understanding and Net Neutrality
Discover the collaborative efforts of FTC and FCC with their Memorandum of Understanding, reinforcing net neutrality and consumer protection.
January 4, 2024
FTC Obtains Injunction Against VoIP Provider for Illegal Robocalls
VoIP provider XCast Labs fined after DOJ files lawsuit on behave of FTC for illegal robocalls, stressing regulatory compliance.
November 29, 2023
FCC Moves to Shut Down 20 Telecommunications Carriers
FCC acts against 20 telecommunications carriers for alleged robocall mitigation failures, aiming to curtail illegal robocalls.
October 11, 2023
Evolution of US Phone Numbers
Explore the fascinating evolution of US phone numbers from their alphanumeric origins to today's 10-digit system, understanding changes and features.
June 23, 2023
How Analytics Engines & Audio Fingerprinting Mark Sales Calls as Spam
Explore how analytics engines and audio fingerprinting can mislabel sales calls as spam, and how NumberVerifier can prevent it. Stay one step ahead!
April 19, 2023
STIR/SHAKEN - The FCC’s Response to Caller ID Spoofing
Caller Id Spoofing has led to the development of STIR/SHAKEN. A revolutionary solution to protect your calls from scammers and fraudsters.
April 19, 2023
A Comprehensive Guide to Call Blocking Notifications: Understanding SIP Codes 603, 607, and 608
Delve into SIP codes 603, 607, and 608 to provide you with a thorough understanding of their implications on-call delivery and your Caller ID reputation.
April 19, 2023
'Scam Likely' Caller ID Fix And How To Improve Your Reputation
If you utilize any type of dialer, your number might be incorrectly marked as "spam likely, scam likely, or potential spam". Learn how to fix your Caller IDs.
April 19, 2023
Explaining Caller ID: What It Is and How It Works
Learn about caller ID spoofing and CNAM. Keep track of your caller ID status and reputation to ensure your calls are answered.
April 19, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Ensuring Your Calls are Displayed as "Verified Calls" by Carriers
As a business owner or marketer, "spam likely" is not the label you want your potential customers to see when you call.
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