May 24, 2023

How T-Mobile Scam Shield Impacts Business Call Answer Rates

Uncover the unexpected impact of T-Mobile's Scam Shield on businesses. Learn how Scam Shield's protective measures can inadvertently affect your business call rates and how Number Verifier's services can help monitor and safeguard your caller IDs against being erroneously flagged or blocked

How T-Mobile Scam Shield Impacts Business Call Answer Rates

In an era where scam calls are on the rise, T-Mobile has taken proactive measures to protect its customers. One such measure is the T-Mobile Scam Shield, a robust service to identify and block scam calls. While the intention behind T-Mobile Scam Shield is commendable and consumer-centric, it presents a significant challenge for legitimate businesses whose calls might be incorrectly flagged, resulting in reduced call answer rates and potential loss of revenue. This is where steps in, offering a comprehensive solution to ensure your business calls reach their intended recipients.

T-Mobile Scam Shield: A Consumer-Centric Solution

T-Mobile Scam Shield is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and block potential scam calls. It offers a layered security system, providing customers with an improved caller ID service, the option to receive or block potential threats, and even a proxy number feature to enhance user privacy. In 2021, it successfully blocked an impressive 21 billion scam calls, averaging around 1.8 billion calls per month. However, this well-intended service may inadvertently impact businesses that rely on outbound calls for their operations.

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The Unforeseen Consequence for Businesses

T-Mobile Scam Shield’s efficiency in identifying and blocking scam calls poses a challenge for businesses. There's a risk that legitimate business calls could be inaccurately labeled as scams or robocalls and, as a result, blocked from reaching customers. This potential misidentification could result in decreased call answer rates, impacting your business’s bottom line and disrupting the crucial line of communication with your customers. The Solution for Businesses

Understanding the challenges faced by businesses in the wake of advanced call-blocking services like T-Mobile Scam Shield, offers a tailored solution to ensure your business calls aren't wrongfully flagged. Our services are designed to protect your numbers' reputation and maintain your lines of communication.

STIR/SHAKEN Attestation: The Key to Call Answer Rates makes use of the STIR/SHAKEN attestation ratings to help protect your numbers’ reputations and ensure you can continue reaching your customers. As long as your numbers don't attract negative labels or get flagged by T-mobile scam shield, you stand a better chance of connecting with your customers and improving your call answer rates.

Ensure Your Numbers Are Trusted with NumberVerifier’s Attestation Checker

Our innovative Call Tester feature enables you to check the attestation rating of your outbound number before launching any campaign. This empowers you to ensure your numbers are trusted and not incorrectly flagged as scams, keeping your outbound calling strategy effective.

Real-Time Monitoring with Device Cloud Service

Beyond just checking attestation ratings, our exclusive Device Cloud service monitors your numbers for flags and sends you real-time screenshots from various devices receiving calls from your numbers. This unique service allows you to see what your customers see when you call them, providing valuable insights and helping you optimize your call strategies.

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In conclusion, the combination of T-Mobile Scam Shield's consumer protection and's business-centric solutions offers a balanced approach to combating scam calls while ensuring legitimate business calls are not mistakenly blocked or flagged.

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